Innovation is at the heart of PLASTRANCE's processes. Discover Thermodrap and Vision'R, innovative solutions for the manufacture of polycarbonate glazing!


Automotive plastic glazing: an example of innovative product development!

In 2012, PLASTRANCE is approached by Arkema to be part of a project group called "Vision'R".

The aims of the Vision'R project  is to develop,  on a pilot scale,  innovative solutions for automotive plastic glazings, including a nanostructured transparent acrylic substrate with improved durability, in the form of large cast plates, and a solvent-free, deformable varnish, anti-scratch/anti-abrasion, cured under Ultra Violet drying,  at room temperature, in a single step, with short cycle time.

This same varnish will then be used for other articles such as hubcaps. The Vision'R project will allow the development of a new generation of scratch-resistant transparent plates to meet the regulation requirements  for automotive glazing via:

  • the development of a new shock-resistant plastic with improved transparency and durability,
  • the development of an economical and environmentally friendly anti-scratch/anti-abrasion deformable varnish and its associated application process.

PLASTRANCE prize winner at ADEME 2016 for its THERMODRAP®

Plastrance took part in ADEME's 2016 Future Investments Program with its thermodraping project.

With THERMODRAP®, a new thermodraping process conceived and imagined by PLASTRANCE, we received the award for  the "Future Investments Program" of the Cluster Vehicle Pole of the Future.

Our Cleargard® glazings, 50% lighter than glass with the same thickness, are a solution that helps to reduce the weight of vehicles.  A reduction in weight which has the immediate consequence of cutting  fuel consumption.

It is in this context that ADEME recognized PLASTRANCE's innovative approach. This award will allow us to develop an innovative machine for forming very large polycarbonate windows with the collaboration of a well known machine manufacturer.