Made-to-measure versatile solutions
in many sectors of activity!

We are partners of choice for a wide range of industries. From automotive, to rail, to medical, we manufacture custom-made thermoplastic parts. For this, we rely on the latest techniques of thermoforming and plastic machining.

  • Police and Gendarmerie Thanks to its know-how in thermoforming, Plastrance has become the equipment supplier for law enforcement vehicles (police and gendarmerie).
  • Forest machinery Plastrance innovates in thermoforming by producing polycarbonate safety glazing for agricultural and forestry machinery.
  • Aerospace Plastrance manufactures custom-made plastic parts for the aerospace industry.
  • Automotive Examples of thermoformed parts by Plastrance for the automotive sector: roof windows, quarter panels, windows ...
  • Medical Sterilization tray, luminaire, sterilization tray, Plastrance custom manufactures many plastic parts for the medical sector.
  • Public space Plastrance uses the latest plastic thermoforming techniques to produce custom-made parts for public spaces: parking meter, SNCF terminal.
  • Coffee machine For the coffee machines sector, Plastrance manufactures opaque thermoformed parts.
  • Railway Plastrance is a special partner of the railway sector and manufactures custom-made numerous thermoformed parts: portholes, side windows, lighting lamps
  • Cable car Made-to-measure gondola and chairlift windows.
  • Luminaire Plastrance employs its expertise in thermoforming to make custom-made plastic lighting fixtures: washbasin, hubcaps, glazing for indoor uses / outdoor lighting.
  • Museography with Claréa® Plastrance meets the needs of museums by custom-manufacturing glazing to protect works of art.
  • Boating machine As an industry partner, Plastrance supplies custom-made plastic parts for machine claddings.

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