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Certifications and approvals

Certified quality

Plastrance's know-how in thermoforming and manufacturing of custom-made plastic parts is AFNOR ISO 9001 certified.

PLASTRANCE has been certified AFNOR ISO 9001 since 1995 and obtained the renewal of this certification in its latest version in 2015.

PLASTRANCE AFNOR certification recognizes its know-how in the customized realization of thermoplastic parts conforming to the product specification and / or plans of each of its customers.

Approvals: Aeronautical, Railway, Automotive, Reg. 43E/ECE /343.

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Glazing compliant with European standards

Motor vehicles windows, in particular those of cars, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles must withstand various pressure stresses. That's why, as a manufacturer of polycarbonate automotive glazing, PLASTRANCE guarantees the compliance of its products with the regulations and thus meets the quality expectations of customers and their requirements in terms of safety.

PLASTRANCE has a series of ECE R43 certifications for Cleargard® glazings available in various colours, thicknesses and sizes. We regularly develop new approvals based on customer requests.

PLASTRANCE is equipped with optical control machines to calculate the distortion and the secondary image. PLASTRANCE is accompanied by partners specialized in the realization of optical controls. Our windows meet the optical standards ECE R 43 and DIN52035.