Discover Plastrance and its know-how in plastic thermoforming and polycarbonate safety glazing.

PLASTRANCE, 30 years of experience
in machining and shaping of thermoplastics

PLASTRANCE owes its reputation to its know-how, its expertise and the commitment of its staff, which makes it one of the leaders in the transformation of thermoplastics in the world.

PLASTRANCE maintains a close relationship of trust with its customers and partners enabling it to play an important role in the success of their projects. You can add to this  the innovation, the high level of expertise and the quality of the products that make PLASTRANCE the well known company that it is.

PLASTRANCE know-how and mastered techniques

  • Thermal deformation of transparent and opaque thermoplastic sheets with a thickness of 1 to 15mm (thermoforming and draping)
  • Preservation of initial thickness after transformation
  • Optical quality control of PMMA substrate, polycarbonate and other thermoplastics using an optical distortion and secondary image verification system in accordance with ECE R43 Article 9
  • Optical quality, mastered and conserved
  • Non-UV stabilized, non-UV stabilized, 2D/3D anti-abrasion coatings for outdoor applications
  • Anti-abrasion coatings, two-component, single-component, analysis of the outfits in time and results in Taber tests, UV resistance, ...

Part of a group

Fahrner Plastique is a company specializing in the machining of thermoplastics

PLASTRANCE is the specialist in the thermoplastics transformation in the Fahrner Invest group. The group Fahrner Invest masters all the trades in plastic transformation, from machining to thermoforming through the draping of thermoplastics. The Fahrner Invest group also incorporates the know-how and expertise of Fahrner Plastique and AIRA.

Fahrner Plastique is a reactive company specializing in custom machining of thermoplastics (unitary part to the average series) and in the trading of plastics for the industry.

AIRA is a company specialized in plastic pieces used in boiler making.AIRA is a high-level specialist in the forming and machining of plastics, which since 1969 has been producing customized technical parts for many industrial applications.