With Cleargard, Plastrance provides secure police vehicles (police and gendarmerie) with high-quality polycarbonate safety glazing.

Cleargard®, polycarbonate safety glazing for police

Every day, we discover the extreme violent situations and risks to which law enforcement vehicles are exposed to, especially glass surfaces. This is why it is necessary to equip these vehicles with high-performance safety glazing.

Cleargard®, an innovative polycarbonate safety glazing

With Cleargard®, PLASTRANCE provides high-quality and highly resistant polycarbonate safety glazing. Aims: To protect and defend law enforcement personnel.

Cleargard® security glazing is installed on all types of Police and military vehicles, be they pickup trucks, vans, coaches or others.

Cleargard®, a foolproof resistance to any challenge.

The polycarbonate Cleargard safety glazing offers superior resistance to glass (scratches, abrasion, wear) and protects against window breakage.

Cleargard® safety glazing offers superior resistance to glass. The properties of polycarbonate make Cleargard® the ultimate anti-break and anti-slip material.

Suitable for all European police (tested by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Gendarmerie), the Cleargard® polycarbonate glazing resists without splintering when confronted:
- with slingshot*
- crow bars*
- pavement slabs*
- cocktail Molotovs*

*Tests carried out at the request of the Technical Services Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the event of a shock, in addition to their proven resistance, flat or thermoformed Cleargard® safety glazing does not cause any glare and retain all its visibility, thus allowing operations to continue under the best conditions.

Cleargard® glazing has been tested by the most reputable organizations to meet ABG, R43 or ANSI standards. These tests officially establish the very high level of technical performance of Cleargard® especially in terms of abrasion resistance. Cleargard® meets the security requirements of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Gendarmerie.

Cleargard®, the high-tech polycarbonate glazing

High abrasion resistance

Plastrance also provides the security forces with safety glazing for CRS visors and riot shields.With the best-performing anti-abrasion treatments on the market, the Cleargard® range of safety glazing has maximum surface hardness. They are perfectly resistant to scratches, friction and wear. In addition to perfect optical properties for Cleargard® Opti Plus.

Chemical resistance

Cleargard® glazing has good stability to chemicals and solvents.

Reinforcement against smudging

Unlike glass and the dangers they represent, the hardness and durability of Cleargard® safety glazing protects against bursts of shrapnel, projectiles or vandalism.

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