With Cleargard, Plastrance produces lightweight and durable safety glazing for automobiles

Cleargard® : new generation of automotive glazing

The strength and weight of car window glazing are real technical issues for automobile manufacturers. Glass is no longer the alpha and omega of automotive glazing when winning each gram is concerned. It is in this context that PLASTRANCE, with its Cleargard® polycarbonate glazing, provides car manufacturers with a major innovation whose benefits are: physical strength, weight gain and energy consumption of vehicles, at the right price.

Cleargard automotive polycarbonate glazing stands out for its strength and lightness.

Rear side glazing - Green smoked polycarbonate 2mm - 540x420mm

Advantage in strength and lightness with new Cleargard® polycarbonates!

PLASTRANCE repels the weight constraints of heavy glass automotive windows. Now, it's the strength and lightness of Cleargard® that take precedence!

In fact, Cleargard® polycarbonate glazing brings real mass gains sought by car manufacturers. It significantly reduces the weight of each glass unit without compromising the strength.

The high flexibility of Cleargard polycarbonate automotive glass makes complex designs and shapes possible.

Interior separation glazing - Transparent polycarbonate 4mm - 1100x280mm

Cleargard®, very design glazing

Cleargard® glazing is a major innovation. It is a real substitutes for glass which is twice as heavy when you compare the thickness and surface area. Adding to its remarkable strength and lightness is the high capacity of Cleargard® polycarbonate glazing, which gives free rein to sophisticated designs and allows for greater amplitude as well as curved work. In addition, development and construction costs are also significantly better than industrial glass.

Cleargard® Opti Plus, outstanding optical quality

Cleargard polycarbonate automotive windows offer optimum optical quality.

Rear window - green smoked polycarbonate 2mm - 1380x350mm

Opti Plus is the flagship of the Cleargard® range of polycarbonates. Indeed, Opti Plus meets the requirements of the ECE R 43 standard which defines the most stringent optical standards. It is in this context that PLASTRANCE has developed a system for controlling the optical distortion of its glazings, which enables it to guarantee today an irreproachable quality.

Cleargard® Opti Plus offers the assurance of:

  • optimal optical quality: no distortion of vision
  • demonstrated resistance against gravel impacts
  • ideal anti-abrasion protection against scratches and rubbing
  • UV protection increases the life of the glazing (anti-yellowing guarantee)
  • excellent light transmission for perfect day and night vision
  • user protection in the case of breakages.

Cleargard®, good for energy optimization

Cleargard® glazing is more energy efficient than glass. It’s mass gain also means a more efficient energy consumption for the vehicles they equip.

With Cleargard®, PLASTRANCE provides manufacturers with an innovative solution to meet today's environmental challenges.

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