With Cleargard, Plastrance produces polycarbonate safety glazing suitable for tractor cabs, agricultural machinery, forestry and civil engineering equipment.

Cleargard®, safety glazing
for agricultural, forestry and civil engineering machinery

Operators of agricultural, forestry and civil engineering machinery need a safe, ergonomic and robust workspace. This is why PLASTRANCE produces with Cleargard® a safety glazing adapted to these specific needs . Cleargard® answers the increasing safety requirements of drivers operating these machines in hazardous environments.

Safe, sturdy cabins for professional situations.

Cleargard polycarbonate safety glazing offers resistance and protection against breakage in the tractor cabs, agricultural machinery, forestry and civil engineering vehicles.

Roof glass - Anti-infra-red polycarbonate - 950x700mm

In the fields of construction, industry, agriculture or handling, cabins and special vehicles are exposed daily to extremely difficult conditions of use, they must meet high safety requirements. In the event of an accident or vandalism, broken glass is a significant risk factor and can jeopardize driver protection and cabin safety.

Cleargard® offers optimum protection against breakage of glazing and its consequences:

  • injuries
  • immobilization of the machines,
  • burglary,
  • incentives for vandalism.
With anti-scratch and anti-UV treatments, Cleargard polycarbonate safety glazing ensures optical quality in cabs of tractors, agricultural and forestry machinery.

Side door glass - Polycarbonate - 1500x1500mm

Cleargard® Opti Plus, an optical quality of reference

Cleargard® Opti Plus is a PLASTRANCE innovation. This polycarbonate safety glazing gives the driver increased visibility and optimum optical comfort in all weather conditions.

Cleargard® Opti Plus offers the assurance of :

  • an ideal anti-abrasion protection against scratches and chafing
  • a UV protection increasing the lifetime of the glazing (anti-yellowing guarantee)
  • excellent light transmission for perfect day and night vision

Cleargard®, a universal safety glazing

Cleargard glazing from Plastrance is a universal polycarbonate glazing that fits on the cabs of tractors, agricultural and forestry machinery: windscreens, side windows, roof windows ...

Side door glass - Polycarbonate - 1450x1400mm

With Cleargard®, PLASTRANCE provides safety glazing and roof glazing for:

  • agricultural machinery cabins,
  • public works machinery cabins,
  • handling equipment cabins,
  • forestry machinery cabins.

PLASTRANCE custom-builds all forms of polycarbonate safety glazing, flat or curved whether it is windshields, side windows, rear windows, cabin glazing, roof windows or any other imagined glazing by the manufacturer and their R/D offices.

Cleargard® glazing is produced in standard quality or has an anti-abrasion and anti-UV coating. In addition, it fulfills the requirements and conditions for obtaining the European standard ECE R 43

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